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Region 3: Great Lakes

Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

For more information on the Great Lakes and work being done, check out the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative website here! 


USGS Science Centers in the Great Lakes Region

For more information on what each center is doing in the Great Lakes, please follow the links below! 

Great Lakes Science Center

Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Water Science Center

Upper Midwest Water Science Center

Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center

National Wildlife Health Center

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A weather radar in Indiana.
December 31, 2014

A weather radar station in Indiana.

NEXRAD (NEXt generation RADar) is also known as Weather Surveillance Radar, 1988 Doppler (WSR-88D). Pictured is the tower that houses the antennae inside the radome (white sphere).

Little Plover River Wells
December 31, 2014

Little Plover River Wells

Both irrigation wells and municipal wells affect water levels in the Little Plover River, Wisconsin. 

December 31, 2014

Bat Thermal Video

Imagery from temperature-sensing cameras showing bats in hibernation. This new footage suggests that bats who warm up from hibernation together throughout the winter may be better at surviving white nose syndrome, a disease caused by a cold-loving fungus ravaging insect-eating bat populations in the United States and Canada. Locations: Gap Cave,125 Cumberland Gap National

December 9, 2014

Visualizing Flow Through the Brandon Road Lock & Dam

This video portrays two areas near the Brandon Road Lock and Dam, a US Army Corps of Engineers facility in Joliet, IL. This video was collected as the lock was emptied through the downstream valves, refilled with water, and then emptied again. This data collection is supporting efforts to combat the spread of invasive Asian carp into the Great Lakes Basin. Brandon Road has

Indiana Harbor Canal at East Chicago, IN  - ADCP measurement
December 8, 2014

Indiana Harbor Canal at East Chicago, IN - ADCP measurement

USGS hydrologic technician, Andrew Gorman making an ADCP boat measurement at the Indiana Harbor Canal at East Chicago, IN site.

August 28, 2014

R/V Arcticus, Vessel Launch

Having completed the build, the R/V Arcticus is launched and is now ready for its sea trials.