Unified Interior Regions

Region 5: Missouri Basin

USGS Science Centers in the Missouri Basin Region

For more information on what each center is doing in the Missouri Basin, please follow the links below!

Wyoming - Montana Water Science Center

Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center

Kansas Water Science Center

Nebraska Water Science Center

Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center

Dakota Water Science Center

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Image: Agricultural Field in the Great Plains Region of Montana

Agricultural Field in the Great Plains Region of Montana

Agricultural fields and an abandoned farmstead in eastern Montana in the Great Plains region. The Great Plains region of the United States has experienced significant land-use change since European settlement, with vast swaths of grasslands converted to agricultural lands. Access to water, technological changes, a growing biofuels industry, fluctuating demands for

Image: American Bullfrog

American Bullfrog

A biologist examines an American bullfrog along the Yellowstone River near Billings, MT.

Image: Rock Collection in Montana

Rock Collection in Montana

Rocks are collected from the Stillwater Mine in Nye, Montana to be used for making lunar regolith simulant.
The USGS has created man-made moon dirt, or regolith, to help NASA prepare for upcoming moon explorations. Four tons of the simulant is expected to be made by this summer of 2009 and turned over to the scientific community involved in lunar

Scientists Barnaby Watten and Andrew Ray (NPS) conducted dose response laboratory trials.

Dose response laboratory trials to assess the concentration of dissolved CO2 in water.

Hyperbaric system used to house and expose larval bullfrogs to elevated dissolved CO2 in water for 24-hour exposure period. Experiments were conducted at USGS Leetown Science Center in Kearneysville, WV. NPS Biologist Dr. Andrew Ray (left, formerly USGS) and USGS Biological Science Technician Mark Abbey-Lambertz (right) removing larvae from experimental chambers.