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This webpage has descriptions of and links to computer programs that can be downloaded online. To view USGS-series publications related to software, please visit the publications webpage of this website.

Github - U.S. Geological Survey

Various projects on the USGS's public GitHub.

Metadata Wizard 2.0

The is a useful tool designed to facilitate FGDC metadata creation for spatial and non-spatial data sets. It is a cross-platform desktop application built using an open-source Python architecture.

Fortran Program for Estimating Stream Transit Losses of Reusable Water, El Paso and Pueblo Counties, Colorado

The transit-loss accounting program, which has been in continuous daily use in some form since April 1989, has provided water-rights administrators with a tool to effectively manage RRFs and administer water diversion priorities along Fountain Creek on a daily basis.

SmartRiver GIS

Smart River GIS allows simultaneous views of river hydraulics, species-specific habitat, and fish population simulations, for a better understanding of complex ecological interactions. We used existing data sets from the South Platte River in Colorado to develop a multi-layered geographic information system (GIS) that resource managers can use to improve their understanding of river ecosystems.


CloseTest is a Windows program for testing capture-recapture data