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Pipeline Programs: Internships

Note: Internships at USGS are only open to US citizens

Students from CCNY, UPR, and TSU who are interested in internships at the USGS should speak with their faculty liaison about their interests. The USGS accepts applications from faculty-nominated students. Students should submit a resume and a cover letter that discusses their interests and training in science. The resume must have the student’s education, job experience, and contact information, including an email address.

The USGS receives these applications in two ways, both of which are required. First, the faculty liaison submits the resumes and cover letters to the USGS partners by email. Then the USGS will contact the prospective intern by email, with a link to a targeted job advertisement on USAJobs. Students must create a USAJobs profile, and upload their resume, cover letter, and unofficial transcript to formally apply. See our USAJobs tip page for guidance on how to use USAJobs

USGS Scientists interested in hiring from this talented pool should fill out this internal form with their project details. They will then be given access to the student applications and can interview and hire selected students.

Timing: There are no formal deadlines for this program. Applications are generally open in October, with interviews in November – January. Student placements are made January – March.

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