Estimated Biological Response Models:
Species-specific selectivity ratio heatmaps built using Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships Models


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Our group is responsible for finding the next generation species specific toxicants, also called control agents, for the use in controling invasive aquatic species. We are also focused on reducing the number of test animals required to find new control agents. This web application is part of that research. We use the results from our models to select potential chemical structures and create the new potential control agents based of the reading across multiple species response to the same control agent at similar experimental controls (endpoint, observation period, etc).Our goal is accomplished by starting with the model results and compare the model results with cellular cytotoxicity results, and choose control agents based on the selectivity displayed in both in silico and in vitro, before starting in vivo trials with the most selective control agents for the target species.

Principle Investigators:

Joel G. Putnam

Justine E. Nelson

John N. Steiner

Last updated: June 14, 2021

This application is funded by:

The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative