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Bear Lake Water Quality Data Visualizations

Seven water-quality parameters are monitored and plotted with depth over time for two locations on Bear Lake each season. Data is sent through cellular service at synchronized intervals to the USGS National Water Information System (NWIS), where it is stored. The stored data is then reviewed, consolidated, and pushed to interactive data visualizations weekly.

General Locations of Water Quality Monitoring Sites

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NASA satellite image of Bear Lake, Utah-Idaho showing general locations of water-quality monitoring sites.


Past Season Links


Instructions for using Interactive Data Visualizations

  1. Select water-quality parameter via tabs at top of page.
  2. Select date range via time-slider tabs or directly by selecting begin and end dates at each end of time slider.
  3. Hover over any point in the color map to see date and time, depth, parameter value, and status of data.
Color visual map that shows changes in water quality with lake depth over time
This is a static image used to show features that can be manipulated by the viewer when using interactive color plots from links provided above. Python script and Tableau visualization were developed by Katherine K. Jones, USGS Office of Quality Assurance.