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TM16-02 Changes to detection levels, reporting levels, and data-reporting conventions for steroid hormones and other analytes in water, solids, and suspended sediment for National Water Quality Laboratory schedules 2434, 4434, 6434, and 7434

Detailed Description

This memorandum describes changes to the detection levels and reporting levels for selected analytes and to the data-reporting conventions for many analytes for U.S. Geological Survey National Water Quality Laboratory methods for steroid hormones, including methods requested via laboratory schedule (LS) 2434 (filtered water), LS 4434 (unfiltered water), LS 6434 (solids), and LS 7434 (suspended sediment on a glass-fiber filter). It also announces the need to reload selected sample data from LS 2434 and LS 4434 into the National Water Information System for samples collected in calendar years 2013–2015.


Public Domain.