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Brandon Barlow conducting a creel survey to gather socioecological data in Nebraska.

Detailed Description

Brandon Barlow is a M.S. student participating in a 15-year research project, administered by the Nebraska Unit, designed to understand behavior patterns of anglers and how their participation is related to fish populations, fish communities and agency management actions. Within this long-term project, Brandon is testing whether the behavior of anglers that reside in an urban environment differs among neighborhoods, and the socioeconomic factors that compose the urban environment. Preliminarily data on angler behaviors differ among neighborhoods, primarily as a function of fish species targeted and the decisions to harvest captured fish. Brandon’s findings will help managers refine management objectives for urban fisheries. Brandon will apply the skills and knowledge from his graduate program as he works toward creating smart water and environmental policy for the benefit of the public. In January 2023, Brandon will begin the prestigious National Sea Grant John A. Knauss Policy Fellowship, a national program that places exceptional early career graduate students with host offices of the Federal government for a 1-year fellowship in Washington, D.C.


Public Domain.

USGS Nebraska Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, public domain.