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Hydrography Downloadable Data GeoPackage Format

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Hydrography Community Call

Date: January 18, 2022


Annalisa Stasey ( Hydrography Partner Support

Greg Cocks ( - Senior NHD Applied Researcher | Spatial Data Scientist


The USGS is excited to announce the release of the GeoPackage format for all Hydrography downloadable products, including the NHD, WBD, and NHDPlus High Resolution. The USGS has chosen to distribute downloadable data in the GeoPackage format in support of the OPEN Government Data Act and Geospatial Data Act, which require government data to be available in an open format and to use open and international standards when possible. GeoPackage data is platform agnostic and can be utilized by a variety of commercial off the shelf and open-source software packages. This presentation will cover the basics of the GeoPackage format and associated changes for Hydrography data.


00:00:00  Start (Drew Decker – Presenter)

00:00:28  Introduction (Annalisa Stasey – Presenter)

00:01:05  Background on GeoPackage (Greg Cocks – Presenter)

00:04:12  Changes in NHD Products with the new GeoPackage (Annalisa Stasey - Presenter)


  • Correction 1: a geometric network will continue to be provided in the NHDPlus HR datasets; it is added after the HU dataset is produced
  • Clarification / Correction 2: providing (or not) a Trace Network in the NHDPlus HR datasets has not been decided at this time

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