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Sediment Transport in San Francisco Bay (AD)

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Detailed Description

The Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers deliver half the amount of sediment they did 50 years ago to San Francisco Bay. Just as sea-level rise is accelerating, the demand for sediment is growing.

The amount of sediment supplied to estuaries is important to the fate of shallow water habitats, including mudflats and tidal marshes. In San Francisco Bay, U.S. Geological Survey scientists and collaborators are investigating the influence of tides, waves, and water levels on sediment delivery and deposition in wave-exposed tidal salt marshes.




  • Video is Public Domain.
  • Music: "Fast Forward, Pause" by Rebecca Mardal; "Sepulveda" by Shiruky; and "Chapter Two" by Far Orange used with permission from Epidemic Sound.
  • "Sunset over tidal estuary at Ravenglass, Cumbria" by Martyn Fletcher (CC BY 2.0)
  • Additional footage used with permission from Envato Elements.