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September 27, 2022

The USGS is pleased to announce the release of the National Hydrography Dataset Plus (NHDPlus HR) National Release 1 downloadable staged product. The NHDPlus HR National presents a single, nationally continuous representation of all published NHDPlus HR Vector Processing Unit (VPU) datasets (NHDPlus HR VPUs are equivalent to Watershed Boundary Dataset (WBD) Hydrologic Unit (HU)4’s or HU8’s).  

NHDPlus HR National Release 1 is found through the TNM Download v2 ( as well as direct download links provided through Access National Hydrography Products | 

USGS Announces NHDPlus HR National Release 1
The NHDPlus HR National presents a continuous representation of the most recent NHDPlus HR vector data for the contiguous United States, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and parts of Alaska.


An important addition with NHDPlus HR National Release 1 is a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) to allow for citation of the data in scientific studies and reports - The DOI redirects to the ScienceBase Catalog record for NHDPlus HR National Release 1: Future NHDPlus HR National Releases, including a GeoPackage version of Release 1, will have a unique DOI and all datasets will remain available for the foreseeable future. 

The NHDPlus HR National data and data model have some differences from the NHDPlus HR VPU datasets as follows: 

  1. Only certain data elements are included in NHDPlus HR National: 

    1. Select feature classes and tables 

    2. None of the raster data are included 

  1. The Value-Added Attributes (VAAs) have been made easier to use by joining commonly used VAAs directly to the features 

    1. The biggest change is that NHDFlowline has been split into two feature classes: NetworkNHDFlowline and NonNetworkNHDFlowline 

      1. NetworkNHDFlowline includes (most) VAAs from the NHDPlusVAA and Enhanced Runoff Method (EROM) tables 

  2. Some national extent data layers from the NHDPlus HR production process are added: 

    1. NHDPlusBoundaryUnit (feature class) 

      1. Includes the VPU boundaries and some data production and publishing detail attributes 

    2. NHDPlusConnnect (table) 

      1. Includes network connections 

    3. NHDPlusGage (feature class) 

      1. Includes the streamgages that are used in EROM calculations 

    4. NHDPlusGageSmooth (table) 

      1. Include additions or removal of streamflow 

  1. NHDPlus HR National data includes VAAs updated when other VPUs were processed. 

    1. These updated VAAs are not (necessarily) published with NHDPlus HR VPU publication 

Please see the NHDPlus HR National data model poster for full details on the data model—NHDPlus HR National Data Model v2.1 and the metadata record on the ScienceBase Catalog Record for more information on the dataset. 

NHDPlus HR National Release 1 publication is coordinated with an update to the NHDPlus_HR (MapServer) ( map service. The NHDPlus_HR map service is updated to use the same data model as the as NHDPlus HR National. Going forward, NHDPlus_HR map service will be updated with every NHDPlus HR VPU dataset publication. NHDPlus_HR will represent the most current, up-to-date version of the NHDPlus HR data. 

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