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AquaPathogen X: A Template Database for Tracking Field Isolates of Aquatic Pathogens

March 9, 2017
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(Public domain.)

The AquaPathogen X database compiles epidemiological information, in particular the genetic, phenotypic, ecological, spatial, and temporal characteristics, associated with single isolates of multiple aquatic animal pathogens. The interface was built on a FileMaker Pro application, which is a user-friendly database software program that is both Mac and Windows compatible and is available in 60 countries in 11 languages. This template database can catalog the abiotic and biotic traits associated with isolates of various pathogens (e.g. viruses, parasites, bacteria, etc.) from multiple aquatic animal host species (e.g. fish, shellfish, shrimp, etc.). Any of the epidemiological factors listed in the database can be queried. A key component of the database is the inclusion of genetic sequences as another epidemiological trait that can be used as a search parameter. Genetic sequence searches can identify identical matches or sequences with 1-2 nucleotide mismatches. Fish health researchers and resource managers can utilize the AquaPathogen X database as an in-house catalog for their own aquatic pathogen isolates. The cataloging of isolates from different aquatic pathogen species simultaneously is a unique feature to the AquaPathogen X database that can be used in surveillance or monitoring of emerging aquatic animal diseases.

Users must have some knowledge of FileMaker Pro application functions to adequately modify the database to their specifications. The downloaded database currently has developer privileges, which allows the user to customize any aspect of the database. To launch the database please use the following log-ins:

User Name: AquaPathogenX
Password: pathx (all lowercase)

The USGS Fact Sheet can be downloaded at

Publication Year 2017
Title AquaPathogen X: A Template Database for Tracking Field Isolates of Aquatic Pathogens
Product Type Software Release
Record Source USGS Digital Object Identifier Catalog