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Russell Taylor-Grimes

Russ is a Program Officer and Tribal Liaison with the Southwest Region. Russ assists the Region’s ten science centers through program review and all things tribal consultation related. And when the opportunity presents itself, Russ enjoys jumping in and discussing environmental compliance needs for specific projects as well.

Before joining USGS in 2020, Russ was with the Bureau of Reclamation managing the environmental compliance program for the Mid-Pacific Region (now Interior Region 10). In this capacity Russ provided guidance to the Region’s Area offices on preparation of environmental documentation, ESA consultation, Clean Water Act permitting, Environmental Justice, and compliance with other environmental laws and regulations. Russ also coordinated these activities across Region’s as part of the Reclamation NEPA and ESA teams, and participated on many special committees, including providing training on environmental compliance regionally and nationally. In addition, Russ served as the Regions scientific peer review coordinator.

With Jones & Stokes Associates, Russ consulted for many State, federal, local, and tribal governments by assisting them with preparation of environmental documentation, permit applications, and planning documents. Russ also provided expert testimony for water quality related issues in front of the State Water Resources Control Board, and on NEPA documentation in federal court. Russ’ experience managing projects and conducting water quality and environmental monitoring with the Bureau of Reclamation provided invaluable experience for this role as that is where Russ learned to conduct environmental investigations and apply the results of those investigations to solve water related challenges.