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Geonarrative: Feasibility of Developing a GIS-Based Hydraulic Modeling Tool for Stream Crossing Projects in Massachusetts

December 23, 2022

About This Tool

This interactive geonarrative presents information on how feasible it is to develop a GIS-based hydraulic modeling tool for preliminary culvert designs for stream crossings in Massachusetts. The geonarrative outlines conceptual ideas for the components of a web-based application, which would enable municipalities and engineers to view preliminary culvert designs for both replacement and new stream crossing projects. This application could help communities evaluate how well preliminary culvert designs improve aquatic organism passage and flood resiliency and facilitate permitting to meet Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act regulations.

A collage of relevant keywords and photographs about stream crossing projects
A collage of relevant keywords and photographs about stream crossing projects. Important components of stream crossing projects include flood flows, aquatic organism passage, stream crossing standards, and the hydraulic modeling tool. The photograph on the left shows a drop at the outflow of a culvert that would impede aquatic organism passage. The photograph on the right shows shallow water flowing through a culvert that could impede aquatic organism passage.

Researchers are developing and evaluating this GIS-based hydraulic modeling tool web application for Massachusetts in this study and its continuing study phases. These studies are conducted in cooperation with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and University of Massachusetts at Amherst. 


For More Information

To learn more about this study, please visit A Statewide Hydraulic Modeling Tool for Stream Crossing Projects in Massachusetts.