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Associate Chief Information Officer

The Office of the Associate Chief Information Officer (ACIO) provides the critical information management and technology (IMT) foundation for the US Geological Survey (USGS) science mission.

This is accomplished by implementing advances in IMT capabilities and using them to facilitate research, data gathering, analysis and modeling, scientific collaboration, knowledge management, and work processes. ACIO oversees a broad suite of activities that support information discovery and delivery and ensures the collection, storage, sharing, preservation, and publication of scientific data according to Federal laws and regulations. Additionally, ACIO leads critical initiatives such as the Department of Interior (DOI) Federal IT Acquisitions Reform Act (FITARA) and cloud hosting for the USGS.

Program Components and Services

Hosting Services 

  • Cloud Hosting
  • On-Premises Hosting

Customer Support 

  • Service Desk Remote Assistance 
  • Deskside Assistance 


  • WAN Circuit Order Coordination thru DOI Telecommunications 
  • Firewall Ruleset Approval 
  • WLAN (eWiFi) Central Management 
  • Phone System Central Management 
  • LAN Management at major USGS Campuses 
  • Coordination of Radio Frequency Authorization Renewals 
  • Coordination of Radio Tower Inspections 

Authentication and Account Management 

Email and Collaboration  

Centralized Configuration Management 

Information Security and Compliance 

Information Management 

USGS Store 

IT Operations Budget  

IT Procurement Approvals