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Alissa Coes

Alissa Coes is the Director of the Office of Quality Assurance in the Water Resources Mission Area.

Alissa joined the USGS in 1995 as a student and is currently the Director of the Office of Quality Assurance (OQA) in the Water Mission Area. As the Director of OQA, she oversees a team responsible for independently verifying the quality-assurance practices of projects, investigations, and data-collection activities throughout the Water Enterprise through coordinating development and maintenance of technical guidelines and policy, providing technical and data-management support, identifying risk and providing guidance for addressing risk, coordinating technical reviews of investigative and data projects, and fulfilling Freedom of Information Act requests. Alissa received her B.S. in Geology-Biology from the University of Rochester and her M.S. in Hydrology from the University of Arizona.

Prior to joining the Water Mission Area, Alissa was a hydrologist in the Arizona and North Carolina Water Science Centers where she was involved in a wide range of studies, including groundwater-quality surveys, hydrogeologic studies, and recharge studies in southern Arizona; recharge studies and groundwater flow modeling in the Atlantic Coastal Plain; organic contaminant studies in southern and northern Arizona; and salinity studies on the Lower Colorado River. Alissa was also the Arizona Water Science Center’s Water-Quality Specialist for over 10 years.