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Public Lecture Series

The USGS Public Lecture Series has gone virtual! These monthly talks are intended for a general public audience that may not be familiar with the science being discussed. Our speakers are encouraged to thoroughly explain the subject matter being presented, and to define any words or terms that may be unfamiliar to those not having a background or familiarity with the material being presented.

Upcoming dates for 2024 - 6PM (PT).

  • March 21: Nathan Wood, USGS Western Geographic Science Center & Dan Doctor, Florence Bascom Science Center -  Current and future sinkhole susceptibility in karst and pseudokarst areas of the conterminous United States
  • April 25: Introduction to Land Remote Sensing/Landsat and other technologies 
  • May 23: Antonio Celis-Murillo, Chief of the USGS Bird Banding Lab (BBL)
  • June 27: Jamey Jones, Associate Center Director for Geology for the Alaska Science Center - EarthMRI


For additional information OR if you would like to be added to the email notification list for future USGS Evening Public Lecture Series lectures, please email: