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Sara J Oyler-McCance, PhD

Dr. Sara Oyler-McCance is a Supervisory Research Geneticist at the Fort Collins Science Center. She is a conservation geneticist studying a wide variety of taxa.

As a research geneticist and director of the Fort Collins Science Center’s Molecular Ecology Lab, Dr. Oyler-McCance’s research is dedicated to the application and advancement of genetic theory and techniques to address a variety of complex questions and conservation issues facing the management of the Nation's fish and wildlife resources and their habitats. Much of her research involves questions concerning threatened and endangered species, yet some involves detection of invasive species. She uses genetic and genomic methods to investigate connectivity and to identify adaptive genetic diversity, both of which are important for ensuring persistence of species of conservation concern. She explores how species are impacted by land use change and changing climates and how to give them the best chance of surviving in a changing world. Her work also explores how to optimally manage the genetic diversity within a species (for example, through translocations) and how to best inventory what species are present and the state of species well-being, persistence, or risk (that is, population size, levels of genetic diversity).

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