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February 28, 2024

On February 14, 2024, Sara Oyler-McCance (FORT Supervisory Research Geneticist) and Jenny Fike (FORT Geneticist) hosted 6th graders from the Compass Community Collaborate School to share their expertise on DNA.

During the lesson, students learned all about how USGS scientists use DNA to study wildlife like the greater sage-grouse, wild horses, and American bison. Then, they learned how scientists at USGS extract DNA from cells and practiced DNA extraction techniques on strawberries.

The FORT Molecular Ecology Lab applies genetic and genomic technologies to address a variety of complex questions and conservation issues facing the management of the Nation's fish and wildlife resources. For more information about their work and this lesson, please contact Sara Oyler-McCance.


photo of students with back to camera, screen at the front showing a strawberry and DNA, lecturer at the front of the room
FORT Geneticist Jennifer Fike teaches 6th graders from Compass Community Collaborative School about extracting DNA from strawberries. 
teacher demonstrating an activity to a student
FORT Research Geneticist Sara Oyler-McCance demonstrates how to extract DNA from a strawberry. 

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