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December 12, 2023

The user can project the abundance of a bat population of several species using its estimated rate of population growth, including stochasticity and the effects of stressors in the form of direct mortality and reductions to vital rates. Stressors can model the impacts of white-nose syndrome, wind energy mortality, extreme weather events, flying hazards, etc. The model runs an ensemble of simulations to include all sources of uncertainty, projecting abundance into the future and summarizing the resulting trajectories and vital rate parameters. The Shiny application allows users to compare multiple scenarios with different model inputs without any knowledge of R. In addition to the following sections, see Wiens and others (2022) for the most recent publication detailing the BatTool R package and demographic model, Erickson and others (2014) for the original BatTool publication, and Thogmartin and others (2013) for further details on the demographic model implemented in the package.

BatTool Diagram
BatTool Diagram