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dem_getter Python tool for acquiring digital elevation models and derivatives from The National Map

This repository houses a set of Python tools to expedite the acquisition of 3DEP DEM data. These tools were designed to help geologists in the National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program more efficiently produce high-resolution base maps and tailored derivative products that help identify and characterize geologic features. These derivatives include hillshades and slope maps, as well as more com

HOPS: Hyperparameter optimization and predictor selection

We developed the hyperparameter optimization and predictor selection (HOPS) software to optimize hyperparameters and predictor selection while limiting correlation among the selected predictors for machine learning models. Including correlated predictors in machine learning models can distort model estimation and prediction and introduce bias in predictor importance estimates. The HOPS software ex


SolVES is a tool for modeling and mapping social survey response data in relation to explanatory environmental variables. SolVES 4.0 was developed as open-source software with Python and uses the free software packages QGIS for its user interface and PostgreSQL spatially enabled by PostGIS for its source database. Updates to the previous version include minor changes to the source database and use

Social Values for Ecosystem Services

A GIS Application for Assessing, Mapping, and Quantifying the Social Values of Ecosystem Services