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Erin Poor

Erin Poor is a hydrologist at the USGS Oregon Water Science Center.

Project Management: Manage multiple projects with various associated tasks and goals. Develop and manage budgets that exceed half a million annually. Obtaining proper permits for construction and research purposes. Create project schedules and monitor status to ensure project goals are met. Plan and lead sampling teams. Review various long-term datasets to ensure high quality. Develop and maintain collaborative partnerships with federal, state and local government agencies along with non-profit organizations. Maintain consistent and clear communication with partners. Vision planning and proposal development and writing. 

Data Management and Interpretation: Interpret patterns and trends in continuous water quality datasets to better understand instream processes. Calculate stream flashiness. Evaluate changes in stream response to storm events. Spatial analysis of discrete data using geographic information systems (GIS). Audit continuous water quality records to ensure the highest quality data.

Fieldwork: Operate multiple long-term, continuous water-quality sites. Responsibilities include maintaining and calibrating water-quality equipment, processing data to ensure high-quality standards. Coordinate and participate in suspended-sediment sampling efforts during storm-events for multiple projects. Manage and participate in temperature synoptics assessing spatial variability in surface-water temperature in urban ponds. Investigate spatial and temporal temperature and streamflow variation in beaver-effected stream reaches. Install and maintain continuous surface water and groundwater gaging stations. 

Geographic Information System (GIS): Designed and created numerous maps for publications and presentations. Used GIS to assess spatial trends in water quality data, including water temperature, dissolved oxygen and sediment accumulation. Developed layers used to create boundaries for an office move using survey data for a weighted analysis.