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The USGS has a long history of delivering science and tools to help decision-makers manage and mitigate effects of drought. The ASIST initiative unifies USGS expertise together with the vast national, regional, and local data sets and modeling capabilities to deliver complex earth system science as actionable, predictive intelligence to support decision making. 

Colorado River Basin drought and the 2023 water year

How wet was 2023 when compared to historical averages? This geonarrative compares precipitation and streamflow amounts observed during the 2023 water year with historical conditions in the Colorado River Basin over the last 30 years. While the 2023 water year was a wet year with above-average precipitation at many locations, it was not uniformly good or record-setting. 

Colorado River Basin Projects

The Colorado River Basin Actionable and Strategic Integrated Science and Technology Team has created an interactive map of USGS projects to highlight the integrated science currently conducted within the Colorado River Basin. These projects are not all inclusive of the work conducted by the USGS within the CRB, but highlight the broad range of integrated science currently conducted. 

Colorado River Basin Science & Technology

A geonarrative introducing an integrated approach to improve efficiency and delivery of actionable USGS drought science using advanced information technology.