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USGS Region 7: Regional Office Location, Regional Staff, Science Centers, and USGS Career Information and Employment Opportunities

Welcome to USGS Region 7: Upper Colorado Basin! This webpage has information about the USGS Region 7: Upper Colorado Basin Regional Office Location, a table with links to contact and learn more about the Regional Staff Members, and links to USGS Employment Opportunities in the Region 7 States of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.

Directions to the Regional Office from Denver International Airport

  1. Take Pena Blvd 8.5 miles South to I-70 West
  2. Take I-70 West 9.5 miles to I-25 South
  3. Take I-25 South 4.0 miles to 6th Ave. West
  4. Go West on 6th Ave 4.5 miles to Kipling St. South
  5. Go South on Kipling St. 1.0 mile to Federal Center Gate 1
  6. Proceed to Building 67 (shown on map below)
    (Mileages are approximate)

Regional Office Mailing Address

  Denver Federal Center, Bldg. 67
  P.O. Box 25046, MS 911
  Denver, CO 80225-0046

Map of Denver Federal Center

Map of Denver Federal Center
A map of Denver Federal Center showing the locations of various buildings and resources on the campus. The Region 7 Director's office is located in building 67 (the tower) in the northwest part of the Center. The USGS National Training Center is located in Building 53 on 6th Street and is circled in red on the map.



Information About USGS Careers and Current USGS Employment Opportunity Announcements in Region 7 States. Click on Links below:


"Join the Team at the U.S. Geological Survey"--Information about USGS Careers


Current USGS Job Vacancies by State, as posted in

1) Colorado

2) New Mexico

3) Utah

4) Wyoming


USGS Employment Opportunities may or may not be available in these four states at any given time.