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William J Andrews, Ph.D.

William J. "Bill" Andrews has worked for the USGS since 1988. His positions in the USGS have included: Hydrologist, Web Content Manager, Water-Quality Specialist, Groundwater Specialist, Report Specialist, Section Chief, Acting Deputy Center Director, Acting Center Director, Center Director, and Regional Science Coordinator.


Bill Andrews has served in a wide range of technical and supervisory roles at USGS Water Science Centers in Florida, Minnesota, and Oklahoma, including Hydrologist, Groundwater Specialist, Webmaster, Studies Section Chief, Report Specialist, Acting Center Director, and Center Director. He has assisted in Water Mission Area headquarters projects related to online review of technical reports, water-quality programs, and completion of annual reports for the Office of Delaware River Master. He served as Acting Deputy Director for the South-Central Climate Science Center.

Bill currently serves as a Science Coordinator for the Rocky Mountain Region (Dept. of the Interior Unified Region 7) of the USGS, which involves reviewing and writing technical documents and publications, advising a regional integrated drought science project, reviewing center science programs, and managing the Region's webpages.

Bill has taught graduate-level classes and laboratory sections in biology and ecology at the College of Engineering, School of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science and guest lectured about emerging contaminants at graduate-level classes at the Christopher C. Gibbs College of Architecture, Division of Landscape Architecture at the University of Oklahoma. He has guest lectured about plant uptake of metals, phytoremediation plant selection, and economic returns of phytoremediation designs at the Graduate School of Design, Department of Landscape Architecture at Harvard University.

Bill has lead-authored or coauthored 47 USGS-series publications, 6 journal papers, 13 conference proceedings papers, 17 conference abstracts, 2 data releases, and 2 university publications and has given numerous presentations about hydrology, emerging contaminants, relations between land uses and water quality, climate change, and induced seismicity at science conferences, for university classes, and to the general public.