Adrienne Bartlewitz


Adrienne is the Chief of Staff of the Water Mission Area since September 2016. Adrienne is responsible for managing the day-to-day logistics of the Water Mission Area and supporting the Associate Director Don Cline. In addition, Adrienne coordinates with the Office of Communications and Publishing on developing and facilitating execution of Water Mission Area strategies for internal, external and Congressional communication Internet presence. The Office of the Chief of Staff is the point person on: conference planning and group travel for the Water Mission Area; serve as Safety Officer for the Water Mission Area; records management; serve as the principal Water Mission Area focal point for diversity and equal opportunity; and oversee specific information management and training.

Prior to becoming the Chief of Staff, Adrienne worked 10 years in the USGS Office of Budget, Planning, and Integration in a variety of positions.  She served as Water Mission Area Budget Coordinator where she skillfully supported a wide variety of budget formulation activities, congressional interactions, and communications in behalf of the Water Mission Area, as well as provided invaluable situational awareness to the Water Mission Area regarding current political, economic and programmatic conditions. She began working for the USGS in 2006, and from 2009-2014 she served first as program analyst and then as budget coordinator for the Climate and Land Use Change Mission Area. Other projects she worked on during her time in the budget office were: strategic planning, performance management, stakeholder engagement, and extensive interactions with the Department of the Interior and the Office of Management and Budget.