Peter Griffiths


Peter Griffiths is the Acting Regional Director for the USGS Rocky Mountain Region, DOI Region 7: Upper Colorado Basin. He is also the Deputy Regional Director for Operations for the Rocky Mountain Region, a position he has held since 2015. 

As Acting Regional Director, Peter oversees USGS centers in the region, represents the region at the bureau level, and represents the USGS at the regional executive level of the Department of the Interior (DOI), its bureaus, and other federal agencies. 

Previously, Peter worked for the USGS National Research Program, first as a Hydrologist (1991-2005) and Research Hydrologist (2005-2009) in Tucson, Arizona, then as the Assistant Chief of the Central Branch of the National Research Program in Denver, Colorado. Peter’s science efforts have focused on mass-movement and sediment transport in arid basins and river canyons of the southwestern United States. 

Peter holds a bachelor’s degree in Archeological Studies from Yale University and a master’s degree in Geosciences, minor in Hydrology, from the University of Arizona.  


To be added to publications list below:

Webb, R.H., Griffiths, P.G., Magirl, C.S., and Hanks, T.C., 2005, Debris flows in Grand Canyon and the rapids of the Colorado River, in Gloss, S.P., Lovich, J.E., and Melis, T.S. (eds.), The State of the Colorado River Ecosystem in Grand Canyon: U.S. Geological Survey Circular 1282, p. 119-132. [Link]