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We provide USGS and DOI scientists access to High Performance Computing (HPC) systems:
- in-house USGS Yeti Supercomputing Cluster in Denver, CO.
- in-house USGS Tallgrass Supercomputer in Sioux Falls, SD.
- in-house USGS Denali Supercomputer in Sioux Falls, SD.

To get started using Yeti, Tallgrass, and Denali or for more information, contact us at

If you need access to greater computing power we can help you write proposals for allocations on larger systems run by the NSF XSEDE program or our partners at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Other USGS Advanced Computing Resources

High-throughput Computing

The TC Chamberlin Modeling Center provides expertise and access to High-throughput Computing (HTC) resources.

Cloud Computing Resources

The USGS Office of Enterprise Information Cloud Hosting Solutions (CHS) group provides researchers the ability to satisfy their high performance computing (HPC) needs in the cloud through the Linux-based Alces Flight software. Contact for more information.