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Carved fragment of the lower half of Witzna Stela
September 6, 2019

An unexpected thing happened on the way to publishing a geology research paper recently.

Theodolite Assemblage award
August 27, 2019

An engaged volunteer of The National Map Corps crowdsourcing program tells his story about the citizen science project.

Squadron of Biplane Spectators badge from The National Map Corps.
August 21, 2019

A dedicated and prolific citizen science volunteer with The National Map Corps has reached the top crowdsouring program award.

Piping plover chicks on a beach
July 25, 2019

Storms and undeveloped coastlines can create and maintain habitat for this species, which is threatened along the Atlantic coast.

Image shows a large yellow lander sitting on the seafloor next to several starfish
June 30, 2019

Usually when scientists do research, they go into the field, take samples, then bring them back to the lab. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill research engineer Howard Mendlovitz, working with Professor Chris Martens wants to reverse that.