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Summary of North Central and South Central Climate Adaptation Science Centers Project Evaluation Survey Data Collected from 2018-2019

The design of this survey protocol is based on the indicator framework presented in Wall et. al (2017 and is intended to evaluate projects funded by Climate Adaptation Science Centers. All survey questions were optional to complete. The intended respondents are stakeholders who were engaged in the creation of scientific knowledge and tools during these pro

Fish species abundance data for selected streams of the Potomac River basin

This Data Release contains data on fish species abundance for selected streams of the Potomac River basin in eastern North America. This dataset supports analysis of karst streams in the Chesapeake Bay headwaters region and was funded by USGS Chesapeake Bay studies.

Supporting data for streamflow permanence studies in the Huachuca Mountains, Arizona, 2010-2014.

This Data Release provides supporting data to characterize and identify influences of streamflow permanence in headwater streams in the Huachuca Mountains, Arizona, U.S.A. Relative conductivity as a proxy for surface water presence was measured in headwater streams in the Huachuca Mountains from 2010-2014. These data are summarized as mean daily values. Geologic influences on the timing of surface

Uranium and Strontium geochronology data for marine terraces on Santa Rosa Island, Channel Islands National Park, California, USA

Studies of marine terraces and their fossils can yield important information about sea level history, tectonic uplift rates, and paleozoogeography. The marine terrace record on Santa Rosa Island, California is complex. Two prominent low-elevation terraces appear to record the ~80 ka (MIS 5a) and ~120 ka (MIS 5e) high-sea stands, based on U-series dating of fossil corals, but interpretations are te

Stream temperature observations during summer 2021 for sites in the Antietam Creek watershed, Maryland

This Data Release contains stream temperature observations for 28 sites in the Antietam Creek Watershed (Maryland) during summer 2021. Data were collected using Onset ProV2 temperature gages within perforated PVC cases attached to stream substrates with rebar. Temperature gages were deployed and retrieved by volunteers with the Antietam-Conococheague Watershed Alliance. Temperature records are pro

PRISM4 (mid-Piacenzian) Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction Data

The mid-Piacenzian is known as a period of relative warmth when compared to the present day. A comprehensive understanding of conditions during the Piacenzian serves as both a conceptual model and a source for boundary conditions as well as means of verification of global climate model experiments. These data are provided as digital representations of mid Pliocene boundary conditions stored in Net

Data regarding the efficacy of management practices for controlling gull use of Common Tern nesting colonies

These data, which support a paired USGS publication, describe the efficacy of several management practices for reducing the presence of herring gulls in the nesting colonies of Common Terns. This data was collected on Poplar Island, located in the Chesapeake Bay portion of Maryland.

Water Chemistry and Smallmouth Bass Biological Data From the Potomac River, Dargan, Maryland, 2013-2019

Decades of poor reproductive success and young-of-the-year recruitment, in addition to adult mortality, has led to a decline in the smallmouth bass (SMB) population in subwatersheds of the Potomac River. Previous studies have identified numerous biologic and environmental stressors associated with negative effects on SMB health. To better understand the impact of these stressors, the current study

Size distribution and reproductive data of the invasive Burmese python (Python molurus bivittatus) in the Greater Everglades Ecosystem, Florida, USA, 1995-2021

This dataset contains morphometric information from Burmese pythons collected from an invasive population in southern Florida between 1995-2021. Scientists from the U.S. Geological Survey and the National Park Service curated this dataset as a repository for records of Burmese pythons found on or nearby federal lands in southern Florida, including Everglades National Park, Big Cypress National Pre

Brown trout movement data in Glen and Grand Canyons, Arizona, USA

These data were compiled to test hypotheses regarding drivers of movement of brown trout. Objectives of our study were to test whether the degree of movement varied in response to placement of a weir in Bright Angel Creek, fall timed flooding events, or simply seasonal changes. These data represent summarized capture histories of brown trout in terms of states based on physical locations, data on

Bathymetric survey and stage-storage assessment of Quail Lake, Calif., collected in 2022

This bathymetric dataset provides an update to the stage-storage relation for Quail Lake (reservoir) located in the El Dorado National Forest, Calif. Bathymetric data was collected using a multibeam echo sounder to provide near-complete coverage and was merged with USGS 3DEP lidar to compute a DEM of the lake and near shore. The DEM was used to computed storage and surface area for a range of stag

Little Rock Reservoir, California, 2022 bathymetric survey and stage-storage computations

This bathymetric dataset provides an update to the stage-storage relation for Little Rock Reservoir located in the Angeles National Forest, California. Bathymetric data was collected using a multibeam echo sounder to provide near-complete coverage and was merged with U.S. Geological Survey 3D Elevation Project lidar to compute a digital elevation model (DEM) of the reservoir and surrounding waters