December - February Highlights

Release Date:

National Digital Trails Project highlights for December-February.

  • The NDT team is exploring collaboration opportunities with Federal Highway Administration with the focus  on ways to improve connectivity to underserved communities.  

  • NDT team provided multiple project updates to our primary federal land management stakeholders (NPS, BLM, FWS, and USFS). In addition, we’ve checked in with several of our trail associates including Recreation.GovAmerican Trails, and COTREX.   

  • We continue coordination with the Federal GIS Trails Schema group. The federal trail schema will be released for public review within the next month. Stay tuned for a special announcement.  

  • Trails from the following states were updated: MarylandSouth Dakota, and Virginia

  • Six TRAILS (trail planning tool) workshops were held in December, January, and February. 

  • The NDT team provided a pre-recorded project overview presentation at NSGIC mid-year meeting in February.