Metro Nashville Flood Monitoring Project

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Metro Nashville Flood Monitoring Project-This project monitors the Cumberland River and it's tributaries around the Nashville Metro Area. 

A study to develop a system for accurately extrapolating flood depth and extent, based on real-time or projected river stage 

Cumberland River Sites

Cumberland River below Old Hickory Dam TW (03426310 USACE site)

  • No rating available

Cumberland River at Edenwold, TN (03426490)

Cumberland River at Briley Pkwy near Inglewood, TN (03430320)

  • No rating available

Cumberland River at Stones River near Hermitage, TN (03430250)

Cumberland River at Omohundro WTR Plant (03431091)

  • No rating available         

Cumberland River at Woodland St (034315005)

  • No rating available

Cumberland River at Bordeaux (03431514)

  • No rating available

Cumberland River at Briley Parkway at Cockrill Bend (03431712)

  • No rating available

Cumberland River Tributaries in Davidson County

Mansker Creek at Hwy 41 near Millersville, TN (03426387)

  • No rating available

Dry Creek near Edenwold (03426470)

Mill Creek near Nolensville (03430550)

Mill Creek near Antioch (03431000 USACE site)

Sevenmile Creek at Blackman Road near Nashville, TN (03431040)

Mill Creek at Thompson Lane near Woodbine (03431060)

Browns Creek at State Fairgrounds (03431300)

West Fork Browns Creek at Glendale Lane at Nashville, TN (03431100)

Whites Creek near Bordeaux (03431599)

Whites Creek at Old Hickory Blvd. at Whites Creek, TN (03431530)

Richland Creek at Harding Place at Belle Meade, TN (03431655)

  • No rating available

Richland Creek at Charlotte Ave (03431700)

Cumberland River Tributaries – Harpeth River

Harpeth River at McDaniel (03432100)

Harpeth River at Franklin (03432350)

Harpeth River below Franklin (03432400)

Harpeth River at Bellevue (03433500)

Harpeth River at Kingston Springs (03434500)

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