NGP Standards and Specifications

3DEP Product Metadata

Two classes of metadata are provided for each product: textual metadata and spatial metadata. Textual metadata are XML files containing information specific to each downloadable dataset. Spatial metadata is delivered in a geopackage containing information about all source datasets. 

Textual Metadata

3DEP products conform to the Federal Geographic Data Committee's content standard for digital geospatial metadata ( Textual metadata is provided in XML format for each downloadable DEM product and source dataset. The XML files are readable in any standard web browser. The textual metadata is provided with the product bundles (.zip), which are downloadable through the following platforms:

Metadata Lineage Reporter

The Metadata Lineage Reporter web mapping application is designed to help the user find lidar source data for all 3DEP lidar-derived products: 

Spatial Metadata

Information about Spatial Metadata can be found on the 3DEP Spatial Metadata web page. 

If you have questions or need more information about 3DEP Product Metadata, please contact The National Map Help.