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Sensor data from debris-flow experiments conducted in May, 2017, at the USGS debris-flow flume, HJ Andrews Experimental Forest, Blue River, Oregon

May 14, 2019

The files consist of two types: tabulated data files and graphical map files. Data files consist of three .csv files, representing three experiment dates (2017_05_23, 2017_05_24, 2017_05_25). Each of these files contains multiple columns of data, with each column representing either a time measurement or the value of a physical quantity measured at that time (e.g., flow depth, pore pressure, normal stress, etc.). Map files consist of three .pdf files, each representing an experiment date listed above. The maps show the thickness of the sediment deposited onto the runout pad after each experiment. Sediment thickness was determined using photogrammetery software from Agisoft.