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How To Get Your Map and Compass To Face the Same Direction


Place the compass on the map so the baseplate parallels the north-to-south map neat line (the map border). Rotate the dial until compass ring North agrees with map North. Add or subtract the amount needed to adjust for local magnetic declination (subtract if local declination is positive, add if local declination is negative); if your adjustable declination compass is already calibrated for local declination, you don’t need to add or subtract, just make sure compass ring North (not the orienting arrow) agrees with map North. Holding the map and compass steadily (the baseplate should still be on the north-to-south map neat line), rotate the map and compass all in one motion until the red magnetic needle overlays the orienting arrow. Again, make sure there is no interference from metal when you perform this (ex: rebar in concrete). Your map and your compass are now oriented to true north. Compare the physical features around you with your map to help derive your location on the map.