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This Episode of CoreCast is Highly Questionable

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We turn the mic around and give you a chance to ask those deep, thought-provoking science questions you've been obsessing over.




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Steve Sobieszczyk

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

. . . is the start of Earth Science Week. So join us next week as we're doing something special. In honor of the event, we're going daily. Yes, that's right...daily. All next week, Monday through Friday, we're bringing you daily CoreCastic content straight from the USGS. Sit back and enjoy as we go pole to pole to bring you the best Earth Science Week coverage. Be there!

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Scott Horvath

Welcome to CoreCast, everyone! I'm Scott Horvath. Before we begin, I should tell you that this episode really isn't an episode in the sense that we've been doing them. This is a special one.

So far, we've brought you USGS scientists' answers to our questions. It occurred to us, however, that we put CoreCast together for YOU, our science-addicted audience, and we're wondering: What do YOU want to know?

So this is officially a "call for questions" episode, and we want you to e-mail us your best natural science inquiries. We'll compile the good ones and then poke around and get the answers directly from scientists and others experts across the USGS. This is a chance for you to get connected to USGS science and to help make a future CoreCast episode 100 percent yours.

You don't need a graduate degree in science to do this. You just need to be curious. Do you find yourself awake at night counting polar bears? Are you sitting in class, eyes out of focus, wondering if 100-year floods last 100 years? Or maybe you're in traffic, right now, and asking yourself if lava is hot enough to melt all the cars in front of me.

If you have burning questions like that—no pun intended—just e-mail them to And if you're feeling creative, you can record your question and we'll be sure to include it in the future episode.

Don't worry, we won't personally identify you; you'll just be "Bob from Boise" or "Paris from Patuxent," or maybe "Counting Polar Bears in Alaska." Just give us your questions, and we'll try to get them into a future CoreCast.

Thanks again for listening, and tell all of your friends about us. And send those questions to That's corecast—c-o-r-e-c-a-s-t— And as always, you can visit us by going to, of course, and clicking the Podcasts tab on the top menu.

CoreCast is a product of the U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior. But you already knew that, didn't you?

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