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Histopathology - Plate 3 - Figures 7-9 PDF Format

Detailed Description

Histopathology - Plate 3 - Figures 7-9 PDF Format

  • Figure 7: I. multifilitiis (arrow) in the epidermis of a spawning coho salmon O. kisutch. M-G G stain. X700. 5177w x 3367h (72 dpi). 71.903 in. x 46.764 in.
  • Figure 8: Trichodina sp. from a juvenile coho salmon gill scraping fixed in Schaudinn’s fluid. Note the denticulate ring (arrow). FeH stain. X1000. 5187w x 3430h (72 dpi). 72.042 in. x 47.639 in.
  • Figure 9: Trichodina sp. (arrows) between the lamellae of a juvenile coho salmon. Note the minimal tissue reaction. M-G G stain. X1000. 5124w x 3472h (72 dpi). 71.167 in. x 48.222 in.


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