Irrigation water withdrawals, by county, for Georgia in 2010.

Map showing irrigation water withdrawals, by county, for Georgia in 2010.

Detailed Description

Water use information is collected every 5 years by USGS. This map shows water withdrawals for irrigation purposes, in 2010, by county, for Georgia.

To get a better idea of what aquaculture water use is, look at our Water Science School site and the National site about Water Use in the United States.

Irrigation water use includes water that is applied by an irrigation system to sustain plant growth in all agricultural and horticultural practices. Irrigation also includes water that is used for pre-irrigation, frost protection, application of chemicals, weed control, field preparation, crop cooling, harvesting, dust suppression, and leaching salts from the root zone. Estimates of irrigation withdrawals include water that is lost in conveyance prior to application on fields as well as water that may subsequently return to a surface-water body as runoff after application, water consumed as evapotranspiration (ET) from plants and ground surfaces, or water that recharges aquifers as it seeps past the root zone.


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