Lidar Base Specification version 1. 3 Figure 11

Lidar Base Specification version 1.3 Figure 11

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Lidar Base Specification v. 1.3: Figure 11. Hydro-enforced light detection and ranging digital elevation model. In this example, breaklines for single-line streams shown in blue, culverts shown in yellow, and connectors shown in white have been added to those for ponds and rivers, shown in cyan for surface generation. In this digital elevation model, single-line drainages are cleanly but naturally defined in the surface, and the functional flow paths of water through culverts are incorporated by lowering the ground surface elevations over the culverts to the level of the stream drainage. As in figure 10, the river centerline shown in green is also shown as it is required to assign elevations to the river bank lines. Light detection and ranging data courtesy of Cabell County, West Virginia, 2009. Digital elevation model and breaklines developed from light detection and ranging data by the Earth Resource Observation and Science Center, 2010.


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