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Step 4: Select your Preferred Log In Provider

Detailed Description

The TNMCorps editor utilizes third party log in providers: Microsoft, Google, and ArcGIS Online. The DOI option is for USGS admins only.

External login services use OAuth 2.0 technology, where your password always stays confidential between you and your preferred login provider, and you won't have to remember another one to access the TNMCorps editor. 

If you don’t already have a Microsoft®, Google™, or ArcGIS® Online account, click on these links for more information on how to set one up. 


Microsoft® owns several domains, including,,, and, among others. 

Any of these accounts can be used to log in to the online editor. If you are unsure if you have a Microsoft® account, you can check their website. 


Step 3: Click on the SIGN ON tab 

Step 5: Edit your Profile Information


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