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The EROS Science Center is responsible for acquiring earth observations, archiving that data, and developing applications for the data to learn more about our planet. Visit


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The Earth Resources Observation
and Science Center — EROS

is a Science Center operated
by the U.S. Geological Survey.

Tasked with working to better
understand our changing Earth,

EROS uses satellite images
and other remotely sensed data

to monitor, assess, and
project how changes in

land use, land cover,
and land condition affect

people and nature.
EROS operates the earth

observing Landsat satellites,
and maintains the world’s

longest, continuous databank
of satellite images, aerial

photographs, and other
remotely sensed data

of the Earth’s land areas. 
Using these and other data,

EROS scientists analyze and
assess changes to the

Earth’s land surface. 
They monitor and map land

cover change, evaluate
wildland fire risk,

collaborate with other
programs to predict famine

and prevent food insecurity,
study the impacts of coastal

change, and much more.
EROS scientists also provide

land change science data and
information to users worldwide,

who rely on it to make
informed decisions about

land resources and how to
better manage those resources

for the benefit of society.
EROS—where we combine remotely

sensed data and science to
better understand how the

Earth’s changing landscapes
impact ecosystems, economics

and everyday life.