ModelMuse: Checking Links Between Streams in ModelMuse

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This video shows how to use ModelMuse to check that streams in a MODFLOW model and linked properly.


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The letters "USGS" and the words "Science for a Changing World" appear in green and fade to black.
Sometimes, when you're working with the Streamflow routing package, the SFR package, you might need to check and that the linkages between streams are correct: that each stream is properly connected with the next downstream stream.
ModelMuse provides a way to help do that.
What you can do is select "Data|Data Visualization" or else click the "Data visualization" button and choose "Stream Links."
Choose what you want to plot.
You can plot flow directly from one stream to another, you can plot diversions, and you can plot the streams aren't connected to anything else
In this case, I'm going point plot outflow and unconnected streams and I'll do it for all objects.
Click Apply.
And here you see what happens.
The blue squares represent where one stream is connected to another.
So here's a stream here. Here's another one. Here's another one.
This stream is flowing from here to there, down here, down this way.
What would happen if I had a stream going in the wrong direction?
Let's do that.
I'm going to reverse the direction of that object.
And now look. Instead of dots you have a line. 
Here's the downstream end of this stream and it's going into the upstream and of this stream which happens to be over here because we reversed it.
And so then the flow is going down this way and comes here and then goes to the next stream over here.
And so this line is indicating that we've got a problem here, that the stream is going in the wrong direction
It would be easier to see if we just hid all the objects and there you see it.
Now the other thing you might want to look at is the unconnected streams so where do we have those.
Zoom out.
And I'm going to change this so we only see the unconnected streams.
Because there are so many outflow streams, they're hard to see.
This is a bunch of objects up here which represent diversions and they're really not connected to anything else. 
But then there's an outflow stream here.
Let's zoom in on that area and we'll show the stream segments.
Zoom in some more.
and right there is a stream that doesn't have any outflow segments.
This is actually the furthest downstream of any of the streams of the model.
This stream is exiting the active area of the model right here and that's why there isn't any stream downstream from it.
One other thing that I should mention is that the stream linkages can change over time.
You can have, for example, a new diversion built and that wouldn't appear in the very beginning of the model. 
But later on it would appear. 
You could have a meander cut off such that the stream channel changes its location.
so you have to pick the time at which you wish the stream links to be displayed.
The letters "USGS" and the words "Science for a Changing World" appear in green.