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This video shows how to use the status bar in ModelMuse to obtain information about your model.


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The letters "USGS" and the words "Science for a Changing World" appear in green and fade to black.
The ModelMuse status bar can display a lot of useful information.
First of all, what is the status bar?
It's this area right down here.
When you move the mouse around over ModelMuse it will give you hints about what the thing the mouse is over can do. 
For instance, right here you've got a hint that you can resize the individual panels of the status bar.
Suppose you're moving the mouse over control like a button.
Keep your eye down here while I move the mouse around.
For this button it has a hint "Create a new MODFLOW model."
Here's a hint for "Open an existing ModelMuse file."
"Save the current model in a ModelMuse file."
The buttons have have hints that would be displayed on status bar.
Here for the ruler it says you can double click the ruler, which I'm doing right now, to edit the ruler format.
On the grid, in the first panel it tells you the X and Y coordinates.
In the second panel it tells you the column and row.
If I go over the front view, it displays X and Z coordinates and the column and layer.
On the side view, it gives the Y and Z coordinates and the row and layer.
If you color the grid with the dataset such as Model_Top, as we're doing here, in the third panel it will show the value of Model_Top in cell under the cursor.
So I'm moving this around that you can see down over here...
This is the third panel here.
When you move the mouse around, that third panel shows the elevation of the model top for that particular cell.
It also shows the beginning of the explanation for how that value was assigned.
If you want to see the rest of the information, you would use the Show Grid Value dialog box which gives you the full explanation
I hope this has shown you how the status bar can help you use ModelMuse.
The letters "USGS" and the words "Science for a Changing World" appear in green.