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3D Hydrography Program Products: 3DHP_all 2023 Service Specification

The 3D Hydrography Program 3DHP_all 2023 service specification. 

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3DHP_all 2023 Service Specification

3DHP_all 2023 Service Poster

Service Description

The USGS 3D Hydrography Program (3DHP) ArcGIS REST service (3DHP_all) from The National Map is the first of several data services that will be delivered by the 3D Hydrography Program. The 3DHP_all service comprises a national network of flowlines, hydrolocations, and water bodies, and will include catchments, drainage areas, and flow network derivatives as they are populated in the future. The 3DHP_all service will provide access to a 3D-enabled geospatial hydrography vector dataset built from 3DHP data and intended to provide the most comprehensive but general rendering of 3DHP data.  3DHP data is derived from elevation-derived hydrography (EDH) Elevation-Derived Hydrography Specifications | U.S. Geological Survey ( where available. Where EDH has not been collected, 3DHP data will be supplemented by data from the National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) National Hydrography Dataset | U.S. Geological Survey ( As further EDH data is collected, the EDH data will replace the NHD data in that data collection area. 3DHP data ingested from EDH sources will include catchments, drainage areas derived from catchments, and flowline network attribute derivatives.  

Spatial Reference System

The 3DHP_all service is provided in Well Known Identifier (WKID) 3857, World Geodetic System (WGS) 84 Web Mercator (Auxiliary Sphere). 

Data Dictionary

Tables within the pages below with “spatial” in their description, and "point", "line", or "polygon" in the heading contain the specified geometry type. Tables with “domain” in their heading specify the allowable values for the applicable attribute. Other tables are non-spatial and contain information about one or more spatial feature tables.







The flowline derivatives attributes (flownetworkderivates) in the 3DHP_all data service have not been populated in the 3DHP_all 2023. They are included in the service because they will be populated incrementally in future releases.

The 3DHP_all 2023 products described on these pages are provisional and subject to change. They are being provided to meet the need for timely best available information. While 3DHP_all products are nationally complete and many aspects of the data are stable, development of the data model and products is ongoing. Please reach out to contacts listed on this page with questions and feedback.