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February 24, 2020
Hydrotherm example
Example Hydrotherm output.

The HYDROTHERM computer program simulates multi-phase ground-water flow and associated thermal energy transport in three dimensions. It can handle high fluid pressures, up to 1 x 109 Pa (104 atm), and high temperatures, up to 1,200 °C. 

The graphical user interface has been developed for defining a simulation, running the HYDROTHERM simulator interactively, and displaying the results. The combination of the GUI and the HYDROTHERM simulator forms the HYDROTHERM INTERACTIVE (HTI) program. HTI can be used for two-dimensional simulations only. HYDROTHERM originated as a standalone program that reads model specification data from input files, and writes simulation results to output files. The HYDROTHERM INTERACTIVE GUI software integrates HYDROTHERM 3 with a graphical-user-interface preprocessor and postprocessor so that simulations can be setup and run in a visual-interactive environment.

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