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SutraPlot: A Windows-Based Visualization Tool for 2D and 3D SUTRA Simulations

September 1, 2003

Overview of SutraPlot

SutraPlot Manual Cover Image
Cover image from the SutraPlot manual (Open File Report 99-220).

SutraPlot creates 2D and rotatable 3D plots from 2D and 3D SUTRA output data. It runs on the Microsoft Windows operating system.

This version of SutraPlot is intended for use with SUTRA Version 2.0 (2D3D.1). A version of SutraPlot that is compatible with later versions of SUTRA is currently under development.


Download Current Version of SutraPlot

The current release is SutraPlot v.2D3D.1

Use the links below to download the installation files for SutraPlot.  To install the software, follow the instructions provided by the installation program. It is recommended that you accept the default settings during installation.


Documentation for SutraPlot

Souza, W.R., 1999, SutraPlot, a graphical post-processor for SUTRA, a model for ground-water flow with solute or energy transport: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 99-220, 30 p.,


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