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March 30, 2023

Wow! TNMCorps volunteers have edited another 700 school points with no edit history in Washington and Oregon since last week. There are just over 400 no-edit-history points to go - excellent work! 

See the original post from February 23, 2022 for tips and tricks.

TNMCorps Mapping Challenge: A before-and-after image showing edits to Schools in Washington and Oregon between 03/21/2023 and 03/30/2023.

Points with No Edit History 

This challenge also focuses on points with no edit history. These are points that were edited prior to the launch of our current editing application in 2016. You can identify points with no edit history by highlighting the point and then clicking on the “View History” button in the edit panel. A message saying “This feature has not been edited” will appear in the lower righthand corner. See the newsletter articles titled Yellow Points with no Edit History?? (July 2021) and Edited Points without an Edit History (March 2018) for more on this scenario.

TNMCorps Mapping Challenge: Schools with No Edit History in Washington and Oregon between 03/21/2023 and 03/30/2023.