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Our laboratory is capable of routine analysis for a number of inorganic and organic analytes, but focused on developing new and efficient ways to analyze complex matrices of water, soil, sediments, and other solids. 

Sample Preparation Capabilities: 

  • Liquid/liquid extraction of water for hydrocarbons

  • Automated solid-phase extraction of water for hydrocarbons

  • Microwave assisted extractions of soils and sediments using a CEM MARSx system

  • Supercritical CO2 extraction of solids

  • Soxhlet extraction of solids

  • Freeze drying

Analytical Capabilities: 

  • Target PAH and non-target semi-volatiles analysis using Agilent GC-MS

  • Hydrogen and carbon dioxide analysis using an Agilent GC-FID/TCD system

  • Volatile fatty acid analysis using a Waters LC-UV/MS

  • Carbohydrates in water using a Thermo UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

  • Fluorescence excitation-emission matrix analysis using a Cary Eclipse Fluorometer

  • Major anions and cations analysis using a Dionex ICS-5000

  • Elemental analysis of CHNSO in solids using a Thermo FlashSmart system

  • TOC/TIC/TN/NPOC analysis of water, including brines using a Shimadzu TOC-L or TOC-V system

  • Phosphorous, ammonium,  and nitrate+nitrite analysis using a Seal AQ300 Discrete Analyzer

  • Sulfide analysis (aqueous) via sulfide ion selective electrode

  • Additionally, we have a laboratory dedicated to toxicological studies that includes a biological fume hood, incubators, -80 °C freezers, microscopes, plate readers, and anaerobic chambers