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Cropland Percent to Country Land Area

Detailed Description

Figure 2. Cropland area % by Country as a % of the total geographic area of the country. Percentage cropland areas by country for the nominal year 2015, derived using Landsat 30-m time-series data, machine learning algorithms (e.g., Random Forest, support vector machines, recurssive heirarchical segmentation), and petabyte-scale big-data computing on the Google Earth Engine (GEE) cloud. Croplands as percentage of the total national geographic area. The product is produced for the NASA and USGS funded global food security-support analysis data @ 30-m (GFSAD30). For further details visit:\wgsc\gfsad30


Courtesy: Teluguntla, P., Thenkabail, P.S, Xiong, J., and Oliphant, A.