EO-1 Sensors

Graphic showing EO-1 sensors

Detailed Description

The three primary instruments on the EO-1 spacecraft are the Advanced Land Imager (ALI), the Hyperion, and the Linear Etalon Imaging Spectrometer Array (LEISA) Atmospheric Corrector (LAC). The EO-1 ALI consists of a 15° Wide Field Telescope (WFT) and partially populated focal plane occupying 1/5th of the field-of-view, giving a ground swath width of 37 km. Hyperion is a grating imaging spectrometer having a 30 meter ground sample distance over a 7.7 kilometer swath. It provides 10nm (sampling interval) contiguous bands of the solar reflected spectrum from 400-2500nm. LAC is an imaging spectrometer covering the spectral range from 900 to 1600 nm, which was well suited for the EO-1 Science Validation Team to monitor the atmospheric water absorption lines for correction of atmospheric effects in multispectral imagers during the first year.


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